brewTerre Haute Brewing company, organized in 1837, possesses by many transmutations over the years. As the secondary former microbrewery in the U.S., our antiquity is rich in among of speakeasies, mafia ties, and playing. Observing that theme, we have named all of our beers after Terre Haute historic legends; and if you check presentation carefully, you will probably even notice a number of the original cobwebs in our crossbeams. By way of re-starting this storied brewery, we are hoping to restore the craft beer network within the Wabash Valley and return it’s preceding glory.

In the late spring of 2015, Jeff Hock purchased the working from the past THBC owner, brewer, and companion, Mike Rowe, and grasped spontaneously that he wanted to renew the bottling works and occurrence period. Including some of his dearest companions from New York, Mike Constantino, and Phil Rossillo, altered the invention assemblage of supervising accomplices in our present try and they all hit the asphalt reestablishing the initial structure. We’ll be starting ours access to general society about May seventh, 2016, to a bar, distillery and feast corridor.